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WGM  Wedding Videographers & Client Terms of Agreement

By submitting the Wedding Booking Information Form, you are agreeing to the following conditions.

1/ WGM agrees to provide all services outlined in our designed Wedding Video Packages as listed on our Wedding Package Page on our Official Website, at the set/agreed price.

 2/ All prices are All Inclusive unless outside the 300klm service area in which WGM must notify the Client immediately be electronic email of any additional costs that may occur over & above the set Package Amount.

3/ At no time will WGM add on or charge any extra amount After the Event without prior notice & knowledge of the client

4/ WGM considers any/all email exchanges between WGM & Client to form part of this agreement & form a binding contract.

5/ WGM Agrees to only charge $300 for any Videography Package as a Booking Fee & $500 for Combined Videography & Photography Package

(To Be Deducted from Final Balance)

6/ All Booking Fees are non refundable

7/ WGM will not solicit/demand/request any further payment until 14 days prior to your Wedding Date when Balance is due and must be paid before any services can commence.

8/ WGM will issue receipts for any payment/payments made within 48 hours of cleared funds appearing in our bank account.

9/ WGM will provide & present upon demand public liability insurance details & documentation when required in the event of a incident/accident due to the neglect of employee's and/or equipment which may cause injury to any 3rd parties.

10/ WGM has the sole right to creative properties & creative control when producing your product.

Copyright on all products are held by WGM unless prior written release is given. 

11/ WGM will provide a private viewing platform on our website for clients to view their completed product.

Once Final Video is completed. No further requests for Re-Editing will be entertained.

12/ WGM has the right to use Wedding Video & or Photography Filmed for Promotional Purposes within the company.

WGM Non Responsibilities

1/ While WGM will strive & endeavour to capture your special day perfectly. WGM will not be responsible for any interference in footage from guests or other wedding service staff..

While WGM take every precaution to capture every moment, There maybe times when the unavoidable will occur. Such as a guest stepping or walking in front of a camera. WGM can not be held responsible for such occurrences.

2/ WGM can not be held responsible for unexpected late arrival due to Road Closures, Traffic Accidents blocking access. Police Re-direction.

Detours. Vehicle Breakdowns or any other Road or Transport related issue

3/ WGM will provide all services listed (as above) in all/any of the packages listed in the Wedding Package Details Page

with the exception of the following sub conditions.

1/ Weather Permitting

                   WGM will not use their equipment or services during inclement weather conditions when engaged at a outdoor venue/ceremony. 

                   Such as & including. Rain, Storm, Hail, High Winds, Snow, Cyclone. Earthquake, Tsunami

or any other Weather Conditions deemed unsafe or unsuitable to provide services safely.

                   WGM Reserves the right to cease recording/filming at the discretion of WGM due to any of the above mentioned conditions.


2/ Physical or Verbal Abuse

                   WGM will not Record/Film if persons engaged in our employ become subjected to any form of Physical or Verbal abuse of any nature.

If Recording has commenced, All recording/filming will cease and not continue.


3/ Civil Unrest

                   WGM will immediately cease recording/filming upon a public disturbance, physical altercation. riot, civil unrest, war, 


  WGM Client Agrees

1/ To make all payments on time when due. Non payment of Booking Fee may result in your booking being lost.

Non payment of final balance may result in no service being provided.

2/ To provide WGM & Employees a small service meal plus non alcoholic drinks during reception.

3/ To not publicly display any video product supplied by WGM on social media or other electronic media, such as websites, forums or blogs without prior permission from WGM Productions






















Cancellations & Refunds

The Booking Fee is Non Refundable.

All payments that have been made other than the Non Refundable Booking Fee will be refunded in full if the cancellation is

outside 180 days of the Booked Date.

If cancellation occurs inside of 180 days prior to Booked Date. All Monies are forfeited

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