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And let us not forget those extra Special events where people assist in Fundraisers.

Fund Raising is a where the community comes together to assist & help , People, Organizations &  Charities that we all feel connected too.

Whether it be Bushfire, Flood relief. Or a Medical Research Group.

We all in some way like to contribute in some way.

To get your message out there to show others, that assisting is not only a vital community role. But fun can be had while performing these events.

The Worlds Great Shave comes to mind.

We love capturing school children sacrificing so much in the pursuit to assist with much vital fundraising for Cancer Research.

These kids just ooze with confidence in knowing that every little bit counts & one day their efforts will come to fruition. 

They have their dream. The Dream to have a cancer free world.

Get in touch with us to see how we can also assist in these community projects by being able to capture these events to share with your Community, The State, The Nation & The World, that we all care.

This video has been deleted.

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