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Christenings are a very special moment in the life of Parents, God Parents & the Child being Christened.

Canberra Event Videographers film approx 30 Christenings per year & just adore these occasions.

To capture a Christening is to witness the beginning of a Child's Journey.  

We feel as if we have been a part of a special adventure that is just beginning.

We take extra special care while filming Christenings to ensure all the special moments will be digitally recorded for eternity.

Using multiple cameras to capture every details of a Christening is extremely important.

We survey the venue well in advance to ensure perfect Camera & Audio placements are in place on the day.

Why should you hire Canberra Event Videographers to record your Child's Video?

Well that Question is simple to answer.

With over 26 years filming Events, Weddings, Birthdays & Anniversaries.

This gives us the experience, along with a reputation on continually surpassing many other Videographers.

Please get in contact with us to discuss how we can immortalize your Child's Christening Day.

WGM Event Videographers Christenings

Canberra Christening Videographers

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