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Canberra Wedding Videographers Enquiry Page

At WGM Wedding Videographers we believe your privacy is of paramount concern.

We take the extra steps in securing your Video content in several ways.

With all our clients we firstly give an assurance that as your Videographers we are the people that handle your content from time of booking, through until delivery.

We do not Sub-Contract any part of our service. 

Unlike many other Videographers we do not outsource the editing process.

Our decades of experience allows us the knowledge & expertise to edit & construct your Video into the Creative Product that it should be.

So many other Videographers have neither the Time nor Expertise in editing.

Therefore they engage overseas editors.

Which means your personal Footage can end up in anyone's hands without your knowledge.

Additionally, we provide all our clients with a personal private link on our website where they can come & view their Final Product in the knowledge that the link is locked & secure. As well the Video's are Privacy Locked so as they cannot be Copied, Duplicated or Downloaded.

Finally. We store your Raw Footage on physical Hard Drives in our control.

Not as many do & store them on server clouds or other virtual storage programs. 

At no time will your personal material ever leave our care & control.

We hold you Raw Footage & completed Videos in our secure on site storage facility for a period of 2 years.

After the 2 years has passed we totally destroy your file footage. 

All these measures we believe are a requirement of our service in providing you with the very best security for your privacy.

Canberra Wedding Videographers Enquiry Page

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