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Funeral & Memorial Services

The Celebration & Remembrance of our passed loved ones life is something very special & dear to everyone involved.

WGM Event Videographers in Canberra has been able to bring those memories of this important day to

that remain with those loved ones who are left behind.

We have filmed well over 1200 Memorial Services in our 27 years as Professional Videographers.

Each Memorial Service is entirely different & unique.

The day is filled with both saddened emotions & happy memories of those we say goodbye too.

A Memorial Service Video can assist with the grieving process, allowing friends & family to watch the service over again rekindling fond memories.

When we film a Memorial Service. We are extremely discreet. With Camera Placements set in place so as not to be

visible or obtrusive.

But in places that will capture the Love & Beauty of such a Farewell Service.

We provide a extremely fast turn around service within 7 days of the funeral. A quality edit will be placed in a special

gift Boxed USB & delivered to the person who engaged our services.

We can also provide Broadcasting Services to large screens if required. This allows for small Church Services they may not be capable of fitting all attendees into & overflow out into the outside area. You supply the screens. We can broadcast to them.

We can capture just the Church Service or Church, Burial or Cremation Service

We are available on a moments notice at most times.

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Wagga Funeral Videographers

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