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Nothing is more satisfying for parents than to be invited to their

Children's Annual School Concert.

How can we forget those memorable performances by children as young as 5 years

performing their little hearts out to entertain us all.

WGM Event Videographers can work with your school to Capture, Edit & Produce these School Concerts.

Allow us to show your school how these concerts can also act as a form of School Fundraising, by providing a  recorded version for your school on sell to all parents.

What parents would not want a copy of their children  performing in front of a huge audience, while displaying huge pride at their children's development.

The  colour. The fun moments, The giggles of the children.

We use multiple cameras to be certain to capture all angles, so as to give the audience the feel of actually being there.

Allow us to bring your school concert to life.

WGM Concert Videographers

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