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From time to time we get asked just about every question imaginable in regards to Wedding Videography.

We Thought it maybe quite helpful for other couples to take a look here to obtain Answers to the

most common Questions asked.

We have gathered together those questions that couples frequently ask us in order to assist you with information that will help with your decision in securing the right videographer for you special day.

"We are only having a very small Wedding with close family.

Is it worth still booking a Full Day Package?"

Very much so. Your Wedding Video is not about the amount of guests attending. It is about Your Memories. Some of the best Wedding Videos we have created have come from these small intimate Family Weddings. Remember, It is YOUR DAY & your memories should not be any different regardless of the amount of guests. 

In fact a small wedding allows for everyone to be part of your Wedding Video.

This adds to all those memories knowing that you can watch every person that was a Guest on your Wedding Video Forever.

Without sounding like a salesman.

Wedding Videography is basically based on the day. Therefore the lower the hours required

don't actually mean a cheaper quote. Once a Videographer takes your booking, that is the day booked. We cannot film 2 weddings on the one day. So therefore while lower time framed bookings such as our Snow White & Cinderella Packages attract a lessor charge they are not really value for your money.

Once you book, you may as well go for a Full Day Package for those few extra dollars as essentially you have booked out that videographers day.

" We are not sure if we want a Videographer all day. Is it cheaper if we just want limited hours?" 

One of the benefits with booking with us is you get to choose the music that is included in your Wedding Video.  Being Fully Licensed by Australia's Music Respresentative Body. APRA/AMCOS.

This allows us to use any music material you may choose in your Feature Video for Private use only.

Your Highlight video as it maybe be shown publicly on social media will contain a Licensed Song Track of our choice remastered & remixed. We feel very strongly about this Music Copyright policy of ours

as it protects those musicians who work extremely hard to make a living from their talent.

"Can we choose are own music for the background theme of our video?"

We provide both of these products with all our packages.

A Short Highlight Film is just that. Normally a 4-6 minute film highlighting all those special moments of your day. It is a video that is easily shared among all your friends on social media. The Feature Film is a little different. It goes into a lot more detail capturing everything that goes on during your day. Your Full Ceremony including audio of your precious vows. All the formalities of your reception including every word of every important speech. While we do edit these features down to a size that is comfortable to watch we try extremely hard to include all your memories that we know are most important to you.

A feature can range from 30 minutes up to 75 minutes.

"What is the difference between a Short Highlight Film & a Feature Film?"

"We need the videographers to be discreet & non intrusive.

Is this You?"

We pride ourselves on our ability to blend into the woodwork, so to speak.

However there will be times when we need those close up shots during speeches that may require us to mix in with the guests. In general. You may go through your entire Wedding Day & not even notice us there. It is your day. Not ours. So we feel it to be of paramount concern that we do not detract or distract from your Wedding Day. Our equipment can film perfectly from a huge distance. So there is no need for us to be front & centre on Your Memorable Day.

It is not about "US". It is all about "YOU"

"Who will be filming my


One of the additional benefits of booking us, is the person you actually speak to

will be the person/s that actually take charge of everything associated with your Wedding Videography. They will be the one's to Film, Edit & Produce your Wedding Video through to the time you receive your completed package. We do not engage Agencies or Sub Contractors. We also do not Double Book or Cross Book as this causes havoc for couples relying on us for their Booking. 

Being a Husband & Wife Team allows us to talk directly about your Wedding Video requirements without all information coming to us 2nd hand via a agency.

"We can't afford a huge deposit. What are your

payment terms?"

Again when you choose us you will experience a totally

different payment structure that other videographers.

We only require a $300 Booking Fee on the package you choose at time of booking. And your balance is not due until 14 days before your wedding day. We also can put in place a structured payment plan that can assist you. You are also free to pay off any amount at any time that suits you

We have adopted this low booking fee & payment plan based on consulting with Couples as to what they feel would be a reasonable plan.

"How long do we have to wait for our finished Wedding Videos to arrive?"

This is another benefit of booking us. As we do all the editing & preparations of your Wedding Video Package. Within 3 days you will be allocated a Private Viewing Page on our website where you can see your completed Wedding Highlights.

Within 21 days your feature will also be completed & appear on your page.

Within 30 days your completed wedding package will be delivered to you. This means no long wait times or backlog work from us. There is nothing worse for a couple to have to wait 2, 3 or even 6 months in some cases with other Wedding Videographers. No more waiting for the Postman with us.

"Why is Videography so expensive? My budget will not allow us to have 

Wedding Videography"

Hmmm. What price your memories?

Our packages are strategically tailored to offer the best value for money & so many times we get told that we are too cheap. Videography requires a huge investment in equipment such us Broadcast Quality cameras. Editing Software etc etc. Also our time is not over when we say Bye to you at your wedding. We have at least another 40-50 hours work on your Videos. On the other hand. A investment of approx $1990 for your video as against maybe $3000-$5000 for your photographer. Think about this?

Your Photographer will give you snap shot moments of your day. We give you a Living, Moving, Talking Film of your entire day. 

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