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WGM Wedding Videographers | Christening Live Streaming Services
WGM Wedding Videographers | Concert Live Streaming Services
WGM Wedding Videographers | Live Streaming Services
WGM Wedding Videographers | Corporate Live Streaming Services
WGM Wedding Videographers | Funeral Live Streaming Services
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WGM Video Productions have designed & created our very own Live Cinema Pages on our website.

This is where our Live Streaming Service stands out amongst others. We provide a simple "ONE CLICK"  process where those who wish to view an event,

can simply do so with just the "ONE CLICK"  feature & they are instantly watching the event as it happens.

We created this "ONE CLICK"  feature based upon a large volume of Feedback from clients who simply want to streamline the viewing process.

This process eliminates the Back & Forth of contacting those involved with needing to direct them to "LINKS",  "PAGES",  "PLATFORMS".

That is just too confusing & complicated. You want, need & require your audience to use a "ONE CLICK"  process.

WGM Video Productions has mastered this "ONE CLICK"  feature

We have 3 Live Stream Cinema pages . Simply click on the Category you require & be taken directly to that page for instant viewing

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Live Streaming is actually the Future of Event Viewing.

With our latest Multi-Camera Live Stream unit, we can broadcast a professional viewing experience for those who are watching from home.

The Multi-Camera platform provides a Movie Type experience using different angles of viewing. 

Additionally the Live Stream is fully recorded for your future use.

This recording service is not so much as a replacement for a fully edited video. However, it can provide a cost effective alternative to having a Video Editor spend 1hours creating a video of the event if it is not required.

We can provide a Basic, lightly edited version with a very quick turnaround time of 3-5 days.

Keep in mind that this recording is direct from all cameras & not professionally edited.

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The main factor when considering Live Streaming of your event, it is dependent on Internet Service Coverage.

No different to any streaming service you maybe familiar with, that you would use at home or in everyday life. 

Without a good strength on Internet Signal. Live Streaming should not be considered.

Just because you have a light signal on your phone.

Doesn't mean it is powerful enough to carry & hold Live Streaming on a professional level. 

We carry our own Specialised Internet Modem, which is far superior than your average home or office modem.

This device allows us to secure internet direct from towers, without the restraints of service providers

Additionally, there are times when the Telco Companies are conducting Upgrades & Maintenance on Mobile Internet Services in the area

We cannot be held responsible for interruption due to these works during the time of your event.

WGM Wedding Videographers | Live Streaming Consol
WGM Wedding Videographers | Christening Live Streaming Camera
WGM Wedding Videographers | Christening Live Streaming Equipment

WGM Video Productions are experts in the Live Streaming Arena. 

How times have changed, where you can now be anywhere in the world, and yet, still feel as if you are in the same room with any event happening.

This is where LIVE STREAMING comes into play.

No longer do people need to wait until a edited video is created & embedded online for them to watch what has already happened. 

LIVE STREAMING SERVICES  can now allow non attending guests, friends & family to be right there as it happens.

WGM Video Productions have heavily invested in the latest equipment to be able to provide a Multi - Camera Live Streaming Service, that can bring your event to life from several different angles.


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