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It all Started back in 1994, when a much younger and energenic cinematographer working at Movieworld on the Gold Coast among the then Stars of the Movies. The Brian Browns, Melissa George, Nicole Kidman, Rowena Wallace & a whole lot more. As a Movie Cinematographer, patience is something you must have or you are doomed to fail. Dealing with such Artists, Directors, Producers

& other movie set staff was a everyday task & test of one's patience.


But let us go right back to the beginning. When I was a just a handsome (cough cough) Teenager in the late 70's, where I was fortunate to fall into my first work experience position with the, then most popular Television Production Company. I talk of Crawford Productions. A Revolutionary in the early days of Television Drama creations. The Hector Crawford Organization was where I first laid my hands on a Motion Camera. Oh how the times of have changed. It was not a matter of picking up the camcorder and running about the house filming the family pets. Oh no. These Cameras were enormous. Mounted on seated pedestal's that where pushed around by a 2nd person,

guiding you to where the director wanted your camera placed. 

 I was hooked. I just knew that no matter what life throws at me, I will always be a Cinema/Videographer. My Humble Beginnings started with Television Programs such as Homicide, Division 4, The Sullivan's & all those great television drama series of the day.

Graeme Kennedy by WGM Wedding Videographers
Country Practice by WGM Wedding Videographers
Flying Doctors by WGM Wedding Videographers

 1994 seen me leave TCN 9 Sydney as a News Cameraman and with Stars in my eyes. Ambitious to create my own company. I went to work at the newly created Fox Studio's as a Contract Commercial Advertising Videographer. And still do Television Commercials to this day.

It was in my first 6 months contracting to Fox Studios that I had a meeting with 2 other Videographers. One of whom his daughter had just married and had a Wedding Videographer, unfortunately scam the newlywed couple for $1000s. For some reason, this touched me. Seeing a young couple basically shattered at having to part with over $8000 just to obtain their Wedding Video.

Back then, that kind of money for a Wedding Video was not heard of.


It was then I decided that no longer will Young Couple's have to struggle to afford overpriced Video for their Wedding. I was convinced I could create Magical Wedding Video's at a reasonable price that all Couples could afford.

Here I was. All ready for my first Wedding Video assignment. Spent my savings on a state of the art VHS Video Camera.

The Wedding was at Toronto Workers Club between Jessica & Gary

A day I will never forget. My very first Wedding as a Professional Videographer.

Brian Henderson by WGM Wedding Videographers
Young Talent Time by WGM Wedding Videographers
Blankety Blanks by WGM Wedding Videographers

I was thrilled to be out on my own. Doing something that I just felt was right for me. I seemed to have a Passion for Weddings and everything they were about. The Romance of it all & recording the

Memories that this Couple would have forever.


 I was paid a princely sum of $220 to produce that very first wedding.


Many things have changed so much from that day. Camera's have become lighter, easier to use. Couples are seeing the benefits in documenting their special day. The passion for this has grown stronger. I still get excited talking with Couples about their Wedding.


How time has marched on. Now with over 2500 Successful Weddings documented by us. And about to move into our 30th year. And with the addition 12 years ago of my beautiful wife joining the Wedding Videography field.

Life could not be more fulfilled for us than it is at present. 

Today we are still going strong, and continue to do so









Jeff Wallace (Television) — Having previously worked in the Radio/Television industry, it wasn't difficult to establish Neil is a Pro Cinema Videographer. Great to see how this couple help out the kids getting married these days with very reasonable Videography rates...the Castro Wedding at Killalea State Park Shellharbour on Sat 7 March 2015 was awesome...looking forward to viewing the edited product...well done are one busy man


Melissa Neville (Missy Magic Moments) — I have worked with these guys on a number of weddings and they are fantastic!! Highly recommend for any special occasion! I am the business owner of Missy's Magic Styles an can not wait for next wedding to happen with these guys.​​​​


MACL Photography - Recently worked with Neil at WGM. Honestly the best person to spend all day with hanging out and being creative, he was funny and made the day go so smoothly. He absolutely cared for the Bride & Groom and that's something you don't see very often! See you Soon guys, loved to work with you.


Mick Bourke (Marriage Celebrant) I can highly recommend this videographer I have worked with them on many occasions they are relaxed and professional and the end result is amazing.

Nathan Goncalves (Photographer) Worked alongside WGM at a wedding recently. Amazing to work with. Very considerate of myself (the photographer) and was efficient with his work. Produced a magical video for the couple!

WGM Wedding Videographers

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