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ALL About Us (Our Story)

It all Started back in 1994, when a much younger and energenic cinematographer working at Movieworld on the Gold Coast among the then Stars of the Movies. The Brian Browns, Melissa George, Nicole Kidman, Rowena Wallace & a whole lot more. As a Movie Cinematographer, patience is something you must have or you are doomed to fail. Dealing with such Artists, Directors, Producers

& other movie set staff was a everyday task & test of one's patience.


But let us go right back to the beginning. When I was a just a handsome (cough cough) Teenager in the late 70's, where I was fortunate to fall into my first work experience position with the, then most popular Television Production Company. I talk of Crawford Productions. A Revolutionary in the early days of Television Drama creations. The Hector Crawford Organization was where I first laid my hands on a Motion Camera. Oh how the times of have changed. It was not a matter of picking up the camcorder and running about the house filming the family pets. Oh no. These Cameras were enormous. Mounted on seated pedestal's that where pushed around by a 2nd person,

guiding you to where the director wanted your camera placed. 

 I was hooked. I just knew that no matter what life throws at me, I will always be a Cinema/Videographer. My Humble Beginnings started with Television Programs such as Homicide, Division 4, The Sullivan's & all those great television drama series of the day.


I will not bore you with a blow by blow chronological timeline of my life with a camera any further. Let us jump right into what brought

me to the Wedding Videography Industry.

 1994 seen me leave TCN 9 Sydney as a News Cameraman and with Stars in my eyes. Ambitious to create my own company.

I went to work at the newly created Fox Studio's as a Contract Commercial Advertising Videographer. And still do Television Commercials to this day.

It was in my first 6 months contracting to Fox Studios that I had a meeting with 2 other Videographers. One of whom his daughter had just married and had a Wedding Videographer, unfortunately scam the newlywed couple for $1000s. For some reason, this touched me. Seeing a young couple basically shattered at having to part with over $8000 just to obtain their Wedding Video.

Back then, that kind of money for a Wedding Video was not heard of.


It was then I decided that no longer will Young Couple's have to struggle to afford overpriced Video for their Wedding. I was convinced I could create Magical Wedding Video's at a reasonable price that all Couples could afford.

Here I was. All ready for my first Wedding Video assignment. Spent my savings on a state of the art VHS Video Camera.

The Wedding was at Toronto Workers Club at Lake Macquarie between Jessica & Gary

A day I will never forget. My very first Wedding as a Professional Videographer.


I was thrilled to be out on my own. Doing something that I just felt was right for me. I seemed to have a Passion for Weddings and everything they were about. The Romance of it all & recording the Memories that this Couple would have forever.

 I was paid a princely sum of $220 to produce that very first wedding.


Many things have changed so much from that day. Camera's have become lighter, easier to use. Couples are seeing the benefits in documenting their special day. The passion for this has grown stronger. I still get excited talking with Couples about their Wedding.


How time has marched on. Now with over 2500 Successful Weddings documented by us. And about to move into our 30th year. And with the addition 12 years ago of my beautiful wife joining the Wedding Videography field.

Life could not be more fulfilled for us than it is at present. 

Industry Testimonials (From Our Peers)

Jeff Wallace (Television) Having previously worked in the Radio/Television industry, it wasn't difficult to establish Neil is a Pro Cinema Videographer. Great to see how this couple help out the kids getting married these days with very reasonable Videography rates...the Castro Wedding at Killalea State Park Shellharbour on Sat 7 March 2015 was awesome...looking forward to viewing the edited product...well done Neil...you are one busy man


Melissa Neville (Missy Magic Moments) I have worked with these guys on a number of weddings and they are fantastic!! Highly recommend for any special occasion! I am the business owner of Missy's Magic Styles an can not wait for next wedding to happen with these guys.​​​​


MACL Photography - Recently worked with Neil at WGM. Honestly the best person to spend all day with hanging out and being creative, he was funny and made the day go so smoothly. He absolutely cared for the Bride & Groom and that's something you don't see very often! See you Soon guys, loved to work with you.


Mick Bourke (Marriage Celebrant) I can highly recommend this videographer I have worked with them on many occasions they are relaxed and professional and the end result is amazing.

Nathan Goncalves (Photographer) Worked alongside WGM at a wedding recently. Amazing to work with. Very considerate of myself (the photographer) and was efficient with his work. Produced a magical video for the couple!

Past Client Testimonials 

Abbie Says...

This was the best thing I did for our wedding day. He captured so many special moment we will never forget. I couldn’t believe how well our video was put together. 
Neil was so easy to work with. Helping with how to stand and telling us just to relax and be us. 
I recommend Neil for anyone who’s thinking about getting a videographer. Worth every cent we paid. 
Thank you Neil.

Jo & Paul Say...

We used WGM Wedding Videography for our wedding a few weeks ago and received our short video two days later and our full video two weeks later. How good is that!!!!!
We also had an interpreter for our deaf family members and they were able to incorporate this into our video,
which was amazing.
Neil and Belin have been a pleasure to work with and would
highly recommend this company!

Stephanie & Billy Say...

Neil did an incredible job!

He was easy to communicate with & always friendly. We will treasure our video forever, so many special moments that he managed to capture. We had quite a late schedule for our reception, and even though it made him late getting home, Neil stayed to capture all the important moments. I would absolutely recommend WGM Wedding Videographers. You're sure to receive an amazing wedding video.

With so many couples engaging our services over the years. It is so humbling to receive such praise for our work.

Filming a Wedding is not just a Job for us. It is a Passion. A love, A Joy to know we could bring so much excitement into lives of so many for many years to come.

We have become Friends with so many of our couples. To a point where we have filmed entire Families for Weddings & Christenings along their journey of life's great milestones.  Even the somber moment of a family funeral.

Madelyn & Rick say...

Neil did an exceptional job capturing all of our ceremony and reception for our wedding. we couldn't of asked for a better videographer who worked exceptionally well with us and all our vendors. we had our full video back in a week and it's truly amazing.

thank you

Ambre Says...

Neil was absolutely lovely to deal with - both in the lead up to the wedding and on our wedding day. He was happy to have a chat at any time. It was refreshing to talk to him in the early days of our wedding planning. He was also very unobtrusive on our wedding day and we barely even noticed him. Nothing was too much for him and he captured all the beautiful moments we could have asked for - our films are beautiful & we couldn’t recommend Neil more highly!! 

Katie & Byron Say...

Thank you so much Neil for your amazing work for our wedding this weekend in Hay.
Your work is absolutely amazing. We are beyond happy with everything. Your level of experience really shines through. Amazing customer service and communication skills. Absolutely amazing video production.  We will cherish the beautiful videos forever.
Thank you so much. Highly Recommended from Mr and Mrs Smith

Weddings are about People. We start out not knowing so many couples. But at the end of the evening.

It is like we have known each other for years.

As you can see. We have been so fortunate to be able to connect with so many wonderful Human Beings.

To know they appreciate our work & openly state about their experience with us.

Is something that we treasure & feel so good that we have somehow had a little impact on their lives.

Lindy Says...

We are in absolute awe of WGM Productions. Not only is Neil & Belin utterly professional, but they’re creative & so much fun. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel, watching myself on our highlights video & then our feature video, but I was amazed - they exceeded our expectations. They managed to capture all the magic, love, laughter & tears from our special day. We have absolutely no hesitation, whatsoever, in recommending WGM for your wedding

Karah Says...

I used WGM wedding videographers for my wedding a few weeks ago and I have already received both my highlight and full video! I couldn’t be anymore happier with my choice, the night was such a blur that when I watch my video I feel like I’m reliving it over again. It’s exactly what I want plus more! Affordable and amazing quality of work, would definitely recommend to everyone.

Steph Says...

Thank you so much Neil for capturing our wedding so perfectly! We are so in love with our video and are grateful we will be able to relive our wedding day over and over again.

If you are sitting on the fence about splurging on a videographer, we couldn’t recommend Neil and WGM Videographers enough! Not only did he make my husband (who hates being videoed or photographed) feel at ease, he was also the best value for money company in the area.



At WGM Wedding Videographers we believe your privacy is of paramount concern. We take the extra steps in securing your 

Video content in several ways.

With all our clients we firstly give an assurance that as your Videographers we are the people that handle your content from time of booking, through until delivery.

We do not Sub-Contract any part of our service. 

Unlike many other Videographers we do not outsource the editing process. Our decades of experience allows us the knowledge & expertise to edit & construct your Video into the Creative Product that it should be.

So many other Videographers have neither the Time nor Expertise in editing.

Therefore they engage overseas editors.

Which means your personal Footage can end up in anyone's hands without your knowledge.

Additionally, we provide all our clients with a personal private link on our website where they can come & view their Final Product in the knowledge that the link is locked & secure. As well the Video's are Privacy Locked so as they cannot be

Copied, Duplicated or Downloaded.

Finally. We store your Raw Footage on physical Hard Drives in our control.

Not as many do & store them on server clouds or other virtual storage programs. 

At no time will your personal material ever leave our care & control.

We hold you Raw Footage & completed Videos in our secure on site storage facility for a period of 2 years.

After the 2 years has passed we totally destroy your file footage. 

All these measures we believe are a requirement of our service in providing you with the very best security for your privacy.

30 Day Delivery Guarantee

Another benefit of engaging WGM Wedding Videographers is our

30 Day Delivery Guarantee of your finished product.

As we edit all our products "In House" we are Hands On with your editing process.

No Sub Contracting or Outsourcing your editing.

The person who films your event is the person who edits

& creates your final product.

This ensures a speedy delivery service so your are not waiting months for your product.

We consider all Video & Photography Time Sensitive.

No point in filming a Wedding or Product Launch if you cannot use or see your end video for months later.

Your Finished Product will be professionally Gift Boxed USB's for Weddings, Christenings and other personal events.

While Corporate & , Concerts & Promotional products will be delivered on mini portable Hard Drives. If Required.

Weddings can expect 3 Gift Boxed USB''s containing both Highlight Video & Full Length Video. (Depending on Package Selected.)

1 Master Copy for Bride & Groom

1 each for both Parents as a gift from Bride & Groom.

Terms & Conditions

WGM  Wedding Videographers & Client Terms of Agreement

By submitting the Wedding Booking Information Form, you are agreeing to the following conditions below;

1/ WGM agrees to provide all services outlined in our designed Wedding Video Packages as listed on our Wedding Package Page.

At the set/agreed price. Where possible. 

2/ All prices are All Inclusive unless outside the 300klm service area in which WGM must notify the Client immediately be electronic email of any additional costs that may occur over & above the set Package Amount.

3/ At no time will WGM add on or charge any extra amount After the Event without prior notice & knowledge of the client

4/ WGM considers any/all email exchanges between WGM & Client to form part of this agreement & form a binding contract.

5/ WGM Agrees to only charge $300 for any Videography Package as a Booking Fee & $500 for Combined Videography & Photography Package

(To Be Deducted from Final Balance)

6/ All Booking Fees are non refundable

7/ WGM will not solicit/demand/request any further payment until 14 days prior to your Wedding Date when Balance is due

and must be paid before any services can commence.

8/ WGM will issue receipts for any payment/payments made within 48 hours of cleared funds appearing in our bank account.

9/ WGM will provide & present upon demand public liability insurance details & documentation when required in the event of a incident/accident due to the neglect of employee's and/or equipment which may cause injury to any 3rd parties.

10/ WGM has the sole right to creative properties & creative control when producing your product.

Copyright on all products are held by WGM unless prior written release is given. 

11/ WGM will provide a private viewing platform on our website for clients to view their completed product.

Once Final Video is completed. No further requests for Re-Editing will be entertained.

12/ WGM has the right to use Wedding Video & or Photography Filmed for Promotional Purposes within the company.

WGM Non Responsibilities

1/ While WGM will strive & endeavour to capture your special day perfectly. WGM will not be responsible for any interference in footage from guests or other wedding service staff.. While WGM take every precaution to capture every moment, There maybe times when the unavoidable will occur. Such as a guest stepping or walking in front of a camera. WGM can not be held responsible for such occurrences.

2/ WGM can not be held responsible for unexpected late arrival due to Road Closures, Traffic Accidents blocking access. Police Re-direction.

Detours. Vehicle Breakdowns or any other Road or Transport related issue

3/ WGM will provide all services listed (as above) in all/any of the packages listed in the Wedding Package Details Page

with the exception of the following sub conditions.

1/ Weather Permitting

                   WGM will not use their equipment or services during inclement weather conditions when engaged at a outdoor venue/ceremony. 

                   Such as & including. Rain, Storm, Hail, High Winds, Snow, Cyclone. Earthquake, Tsunami

or any other Weather Conditions deemed unsafe or unsuitable to provide services safely.

                   WGM Reserves the right to cease recording/filming at the discretion of WGM due to any of the above mentioned conditions.


2/ Physical or Verbal Abuse

                   WGM will not Record/Film if persons engaged in our employ become subjected to any form of Physical or Verbal abuse of any nature.

If Recording has commenced, All recording/filming will cease and not continue.


3/ Civil Unrest

                   WGM will immediately cease recording/filming upon a public disturbance, physical altercation. riot, civil unrest, war, 


  WGM Client Agrees

1/ To make all payments on time when due. Non payment of Booking Fee may result in your booking being lost.

Non payment of final balance may result in no service being provided.

2/ To provide WGM & Employees a small service meal plus non alcoholic drinks during reception.

3/ To not publicly display any video product supplied by WGM on social media or other electronic media, such as websites, forums or blogs

without prior permission from WGM Productions

Cancellations & Refunds

The Booking Fee is Non Refundable.

All payments that have been made other than the Non Refundable Booking Fee will be refunded in full if the cancellation is

outside 180 days of the Booked Date.

If cancellation occurs inside of 180 days prior to Booked Date. All Monies are forfeited

Cancellations & Refunds


WGM Wedding Videographers