Why FRIDAY is the best Day of the Week to get Married


In this Blog Post I want to outline in detail as to Why a Friday is considered the most convenient & best day of the week to get married.

Traditionally, Saturdays have been and still remain the most popular day for a Wedding. However, We believe that trend is slowly vanishing and couples are now looking towards Fridays for many different reasons.

Fridays can reduce Wedding Costs considerably, Let me explain How.

1/ Venue Costs are lower (or should be) simply because employee penalty rates do not apply. Venues also enjoy receiving bookings for Fridays as it gives them a non traditional booking day. So your negotiating power becomes more powerful as the venue will most likely try everything possible to obtain a Friday Booking. Remember, that everything on a Friday compared to a Saturday is cheaper with operating costs for a venue. Wait Staff, Bar Tenders, Cleaners, Kitchen Staff.

So if you are considering a Friday Wedding. Do not hesitate in pushing your venue for the very best deal you can get. Unless it becomes not profitable for the venue. My bet is they will bend over backwards to obtain the booking.

2/ Celebrants: Most Popular Celebrants book out extremely fast on Saturdays. So looking at a Friday Wedding opens up your chances of obtaining the services of your First Choice Celebrant. As with costs. Although the costs to produce a wedding from a Celebrants point is identical to any day of the week. You will find many Celebrants will happily discuss a small discount on their rates.

3/ Florists, Flower Arrangements. Again Fridays being a normal Working Day. Costs of Staff & Wages are a lot less than a Saturday. Delivery charges will be less. Preparations of Ceremonial Area will be less. Or at least they should be. Also Friday being a Wholesale Flower Market Day. Your Floral Arrangement are very fresh. And as with most operating costs with any business. If a Florist can utilise one trip to the Wholesale Flower Markets to purchase a supply for 2 days of weddings (Friday & Saturday) then you most certainly know the Florists costs are a little less.

4/ Wedding Cars: Again traditionally Wedding Cars are heavily booked out for Saturdays. And this has many companies with their cars sitting idle doing nothing, earning no income on a Friday. Therefore the avenue for heavy negotiation can be a factor into obtaining your Wedding Cars. Additionally again. The Drivers costs are considerably less due to no Weekend Penalty Rates.

5/ Photographers & Videographers: Fridays are definitely the best day of the week to obtain your first choice with the best Photographers & Videographers. Let me explain why.

The Majority of Photographers & Videographers are Casual Weekend only operators, due to them having normal weekday employment. Therefore not available to capture Weddings on a Friday. This leaves a minority of mainly Full Time Professional Photographers & Videographers. So you will know that you will be receiving the very best of experienced persons capturing your Wedding Day.

Additionally you can negotiate a lot better price for Fridays as they are more ready available than they would be on a Traditional Saturday.

6/ DJ/MC's, Bands: Again the majority of these services are weekend related due to most having full time Week Day employment. There is only a Handful of this type of entertainment industry suppliers that are Full Time. And these services are only normally required after 6pm at night. DJ's/MC's & Bands love nothing more than to pick up a Friday Gig. They can still complete their normal working week and make it to your Wedding in plenty of time. So put on your negotiating hat and haggle hard.

7/ Guests & Family Members: This is where a lot of couples stop when thinking of a Friday Wedding. When in fact. Guests & Family members are more favourable to a Friday Wedding more than you think. Let me explain why this is.

Firstly 90% of the population receive 2 RDO's per month. So taking a Friday off work is never a real issue. And remember you may have guests Flying in or travelling long distances to arrive at your Wedding. So this will normally be done after work on the Thursday so they arrive in plenty of time for your Friday Wedding. Also Airfares are cheaper on a Friday than they are on a Saturday And so are Hotels.

Now that your guests have arrived for your Friday Wedding. They can relax knowing they do not have to wake up the next morning (possibly with a hangover or Wedding Cake coma) and rush on back home for work the next day.

But more importantly. Most couples invite Family Members to Weddings that they may have not seen for a long time. And on a Saturday Wedding. The couple do not have time to socialise too much. Therefore you are missing a great chance to spend quality time with loved ones you haven't seen or may not see for a while.

Ah Ha. Now being a Friday Wedding. Your Family, Friends & Guests can wake up Saturday morning and plan a full day catching up with you and other Family Members. This is a huge plus to planning a Friday Wedding. Your Wedding also becomes a reunion of sorts. Then maybe Groups of your family can arrange a Saturday Evening get together, Dinner, Function. To enjoy the time together. And then wake up Sunday morning refreshed ready to travel back home.

To me. This is yet the biggest bonus to planning a Friday Wedding.

8/ Church Weddings: Saturdays traditionally can be a little kaotic for a Church Wedding due to Saturday Mass services at Churches already scheduled well in advance and therefore only allowing for certain timeframes for Wedding Ceremonies. Also you may find yourself being rushed out of a church as the Mass is to start at 5pm-6pm etc. Fridays a Church Wedding is more easier. With no time frames for any Wedding Ceremony. Parish Priests, Fathers are also ready available and are more relaxed as they are not under pressure knowing they have several other church activities to conduct on the day.

Let us summerise all this and put this Friday vs Saturday Wedding Idea into perspective.

What I did as a exercise was to contact one of each listed above and compare costings offered for both Fridays & Saturdays.

Now please be sure you are sitting down. Because you are about to see the vast savings that can be had.

You may even find a Honeymoon in Europe can be on the cards with the amount of savings.

I will not name the suppliers I contacted, but rest assured, it is across the board in the Wedding Industry.

Venue: Typical 100 guest 4 star venue complete with 3 course meal. Entree, Main & dessert. Plus 4 hour Drink Package.

Same Venue. Different days.

Friday Package: 100 guests plus 4 hour drink package (soft Drinks, Beer & Wine) = $85 per person plus $1500 venue hire fee

Total cost includes full linen service, cutlery, crockery & basic table & room decorations.

$10,000 no more to pay

Saturday Package: 100 guests plus 4 hour drink package (soft Drinks, Beer & Wine) = $128 per person plus $3000 venue hire fee

Total cost includes full linen service, cutlery, crockery & basic table & room decorations.

$15,800 no more to pay

Friday Venue Savings. $5,800

Celebrant: Package includes. First Meeting, Rehearsal, Full Ceremony Preparations. Submission of all paperwork & Submission of official marriage to Births, Deaths & Marriages

Friday: $520

Saturday: $690

Friday Celebrant Saving. $170

Florist: Package includes. Bride & 3 Bridesmaids bouquets. 4 x button hole for Grooms Party. Onsite Basic Arbour display. Basic Reception Bridal Table Display.

Friday Package: $1850

Saturday: $2700

Friday Florist Savings. $850

Wedding Cars: 4 hour 13 seat Limosiene. Pick up Grooms party take to ceremony. Return pick up Bridal Party take to Ceremony. Formal Photo Shoot transport & Transport back to reception.

Friday Package: $950

Saturday Package: $1450

Friday Wedding Car Savings. $500

Photographer: 7 hour package including 400 high resolution fully edited photographs delivered on a USB.

Friday Package: $1250

Saturday Package: $2000

Friday Photographer savings. $750

Videographer: 7 hour Package including Ceremony & Reception with Highlight & Feature Video

Friday Package: $1490

Saturday Package: $!990

Friday Videographer savings. $500

DJ/MC: 5 hour DJ/MC reception package including MC services.

Friday Package: $700

Saturday Package $1100

Friday DJ/MC savings. $400

Live Band: 4 hour Reception Package.

Friday Package $1800

Saturday Package $2500

Friday Band Savings. $700

Guest Hotels: Friday Saturday. By arrangement. Way too much variance in prices to quote

Church Weddings.: By Donation. Normally no different for either day.

So let us add up the savings for planning a Friday Wedding as against a Saturday Wedding.

Total costs for a Friday Wedding would be: $16760

Total Cost for a Saturday Wedding would be $25.730

This is based on a DJ/MC Services. Not a live Band

Total savings for a Friday Wedding.

A whooping $8.970

And there my lovely Couples is your European Honeymoon.

I trust this may help with your Wedding Planning & Decision making. Please consider the benefits, Both Financially & Socially when it comes to a Friday Wedding.


Neil Moralde

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