Those "LOVE" Lights.

It adds that special touch to your day.

The word "LOVE" lite up inside your reception centre makes a beautiful looking accessory.

Please allow me to give you some advice on where NOT to place these signs.

Firstly a vast majority of them have cheap chinese bulbs in them that create a terrible flickering effect not actually seen by the naked eye.

But your Photographer & Videographer will have a terrible time avoid them as they conflict with Shutter Speeds of all cameras.

So, lets talk about placement of these such lights so as to not affect anything or anyone.

Probably the easiest way to to mention where NOT to put them & give the reasons as to why.

Never place them in front of the bridal table.

Reasons for this are as follows.

1/ They become a magnet for tiny toddlers. They are attracted to them and while many adults are distracted getting Photographs done at the photo booth or other distractions on the night. We have experienced having to rescue little children as the Crawl. Walk up to these lights and attempt to play with the bulbs or in some cases where the bulbs are missing. These kids can easily become electrocuted by sticking their fingers into the socket areas. It can be very difficult to actually see anything within about a metre of these lights due to their brightness and little children can easily be absorbed into that lighted area and cannot be seen.

2/ Having the Love Lights in front of the bridal table. While you at the bridal table think it looks great. Your guests are seriously struggling to see you. Yes. These lights create a light bright enough that to the naked eye, anything beyond them becomes a silhouette. This will have your guests avoiding looking at the bridal table. And you really do not want that. They have come to see the Couple Of The Day.

3/ Videography & Photography.

If you have hired professional services with your Videography & Photography. You most likely will be approached by these guys and request to move them as it will most certainly ruin Photo's & Video footage. You need to consider that it is the Bridal Table that is the main focus for Video & Photo's. So by placing these lights at the front of the Bridal Table. You are effectively creating a wall of reflected light between You & your Photography/Videographer. And once you get to see the final product. You will undoubtedly be disappointed.

So, if you must have these lights in the room. By all means do so. They really do look great and create a certain ambiance. But place them out of the way. To the side of the room. At the back of the dance floor. Or maybe outside shining through a side view windrow.

But please. For the sake of Small Children. Your Guests. Your Photography & Videography. Keep them well away from the Bridal Table.

I hope & trust this small piece of advice can be some assistance to you in informing you of a Tip on Your Wedding Day