BEHIND THE LENS. Bride & Groom Preparations

This part of your day is what we deem as the Most Important.

Strange you maybe thinking that everyone thinks the Ceremony to be the main part. Well yes, it is, in a way

However look at it from a Videographers or Photographers point of view.

This part of the day is strategically very important to us because it allows us to start telling your story from The Beginning.

Also, during these Preparation Moments many random & candid things just happen. Be it Funny or emotional.

These are moments that neither yourself or your partner will ever get to see or know what went on during the preparations.

It becomes forgotten time. Which is a shame as these moments should be treasured.

Consideration needs to go into many aspects of your Preparations.


Be sure you have everything at the ready for when your Videographers & Photographers arrive.

Suits hanging. Preferably in a Doorway or Window. Your shoes , Watches, Cufflinks & any other momento's of importance

The Rings. Oh let's not forget the rings. Have them available as well.

Be prepared to get dressed to enable the Videographer & Photographer to capture all this. If a little too early. You can always undress & re-dress later.

Have a few Beers or Drinks around for a celebrationary cheers between Groom & Groomsman. And be prepared for some spontaneous fun moments that will be requested by your Videographer & Photographer.

All Groom Preparations should be complete at least 2 hours before ceremony time. So plan out your morning activities timely.

Also inform your Videographer & Photographer of any special moments happening on your morning such as, GOLF, SURFING, ETC ETC.

Arrival at Ceremony.

This is a individual time choice. However our suggestion would be to have the Groom & Groomsmen arrive about 45 minutes before ceremony time. This allows for any last minute seating or planning arrangements with ample time to welcome guests.


This is a whole new ball game.

The Bride is essentially the Princess for the day. Which demands a lot more in preparation time. I will not go into the early morning starts as that again is a individual choice. However from a Videographers & Photographers point of view I will elaborate on how you should schedule your times. There are 100s of different hints that can be given to time manage your Bridal Preparations. Lets touch on a few.

Firstly You Videographer & Photographer will want pre Wedding Gown shots. Hair being done. Make up being applied. But do not worry if you have already finished this . We can always set up a few Mock Shots. One of the most impressive items of a Pre Wedding Prepation shoot is that of the Bridal Gown. My suggestion is always attempt to Borrow, Hire or buy a cheap Dress Maniquin for this. This allows your dress to be on display as it will be worn. Also allowing full 360 degree vision. However if this is not possible. Let us just prepare by hanging the gown in a doorway or Window. Or even better. Outside under a balcony. In fact. There are 100s of places the gown can appear for that perfect Video & Photo shot.

Shoes, Jewellery, Flowers, Garter plus anything of importance. Have these items ready for your Videographer & Photographer is a uncluttered area allowing a clean perfect filming shoot.

Now onto to Time Management.

Too many times a Couple will hire & pay very good money for a Videographer & Photographer only to find there is not enough time for a pre wedding shoot due to late finishing Hair & Make up. Ensure you have had discussions with both these suppliers outlining the importance of finishing at least 1 hour before Ceremony Time. I cannot stress this enough. Any later and your Videographer & Photographer do not have time to capture those very special moments of you in your Gown in readiness.

Also request that your Hair Stylist & Make Up people remain until you step in the car to leave. This ensures that if any emotional moments occur or mishaps when putting on your gown can be fixed before leaving.

Ultimately your Videographer & Photographer will want to leave you at least 30 minutes before ceremony time to enable them to set up and prepare for the Ceremony. So please keep this in mind when planning your Time Management of the morning.

In closing I will stress yet again the importance of discussing finishing time with your Hair & Make Up people that they MUST finish early allowing you time for pre wedding Video & Photo's.

And lets not forget the 10 minute round of those most important PHONE SELFIE'S...LOL

One last thing to keep in mind with Preparations. While you may have hired what you think are the very best in Hair & Make Up. May not reflect in being the very best in WEDDING HAIR & MAKE UP...There is a huge difference. But I will touch on this at another time.

In Fact. Let us make that Next Weeks Topic.

Until then

Bye from Belin

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