BEHIND THE LENS. The Wedding Speeches

Speeches at a Wedding are extremely important.

While they can vary from just a quick. "Hello, My Name Is XXXXXX, hope you have a good time"

Right through to the epic tale of every aspect of a Son or Daughters life from birth.

Let us start with the Long Epic Parents Speeches.

The Parents of the couple are extremely proud on this day & what nothing more to show this. And rightly so.

However a downside to a parents speech can be in the detail. Many will want to tell the guests about Little Johnnys life from Birth. How many broken bones he had growing up. How he performed in every school concert from Kindergarten through to High School.

While this is certainly very important to the parent. It can become very very tedious for other guests to sit through pretending to pay attention with interest. Or maybe its Dad talking about his little princess. Everything the parents plan to discuss must be seen as important. And must be respected.

At times even the Bride & Groom may appear distracted or lose interest. So how do you combat these Proud Parents on the day.

You DON'T. Sure, it is your wedding. But remember. You are still young. Possibly without children. So you are not expected to understand the pride of a parent witnessing their Little Johnny or Princess Jasmine on such a day as their Wedding. Give Parents that moment to Shine & Gloat. Remembering. Without them you wouldn't be Marrying Today. Too many times we see Parents instructed by the Bride & Groom to keep their speeches short. Sure, this is & can be convenient. However this action will & does in fact hurt the feelings of the parents who will never state that it is so. Allow your parents to use as much time as they feel needed to express their Feelings & Pride on this day.

In saying that above. Other speeches can & should be time restricted. Best Man. Maid of Honour etc etc. While their speeches are certainly a important factor on your day. They are no where near as important as the Parents. These speeches in our opinion become a lot more effective if they directly relate to the Bride & Groom on the day. A few reflections about Childhood Memories or Bucks & Hens night always is a must to create a bit of jovial laughter. But please ask your Speakers other than your parents to keep their speeches brief and to the point. 5 minutes is way long enough for these speeches. Also instruct all Speakers to not go through the THANK YOU list for all involved on your day. That is the topic for the Bride & Groom in their speech.

Bride & Groom Speech. Traditionally it has always been the Groom speaking on behalf of himself & his new Wife. This has changed dramatically over the past few years. Try not to make separate speeches. Remember you are now MARRIED. Come together with your speech. Have fun with it. Enjoy the moment. This is the time when the THANK YOU's are mentioned. As your guests have come for you.

During your speech together. Try and stay close side by side. This will allow both your Photographer & Videographer to capture some great moments. Relate & reference each other. Use your speech to actual talk to each other. It is your moment.

Open Floor Speeches. Discourage this action. Set your speeches to those who you wish to hear from. Allowing a Open Floor Microphone can take up a huge amount of time. Also remember, a reception is a place where alcohol is consumed. Some more than others. So having a Open Floor Microphone for speeches can bring some embarrassing moments that where not planned.

Speech Sound System. This is vital. When possible always try and use any In House system & not the DJs system. A In House Syatem will allow for the room to fill with your speeches. Enabling everyone to hear clearly what is being said. Using the DJs system will only create directional & local sound. Keep microphone up close to your chin. Not in front of your mouth as you do not want photographs & video of you eating the microphone.

Speech Location Placement. This is extremely important . Try to dedicate a set place in the room where all speakers are to be during their speeches. A Lectern, Podium or simply a set position. The reasons for this are purely visual. People will automatically know where to look during speeches. Guests make themselves comfortable in positions by turning around chairs. Moving out of the way so other guests can see. But the most important reason is remember. You have a Photographer & Videographer who will be recording and Photographing these speeches. In the case of Videography. We would at a minimum have 2 cameras set for speeches. One camera is pointed & zoomed in on the Bride & Groom for reaction video & the other camera is pointed at the speaker. Having this set position allows for minimal movement by both your Videographer & Photographer which can cause view blocking for your guests.

Next topic we will discuss in this Blog will be Selecting your Master of Ceremonies (MC)

Please feel free to share these Blog topics as you please.

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