"We can't afford a huge deposit. What are your payment terms?"

This is a question that comes up in 90% of bookings with us. Couples are already squeezed for immediate money with all the planning and purchasing that is required. Many Videographers will require deposits of anything for 30% - 50% of package price at time of booking. We are not here to tell anyone how to run their business. But sometimes this amount of deposit can really set back the wedding planning for couples. Having $1000s just sitting idle with a Videography Deposit when the wedding could be 12-18 months down the track just doesn't make sense to us. Sure, we understand the value for a Videographer to secure the booking date with some form of monetary requirement as that date is now off the market and cannot be booked by anyone else & there is always the remote possibility of a Wedding being cancelled at short notice. Which leaves the Videographer with a idle date that is at times almost impossible to re-book at short notice.

We take a different approach to this. We feel that tying up a couples money is something we feel in not required. A relationship of trust needs to be established on both sides. And while there will always be a element of possible cancellation due to many factors in life. We feel the couple should not be financially penalised because of something that is quite possibly out of their control.

When you choose us you will experience a totally different payment structure that other Videographers.

We only require a 10% deposit on the package you choose at time of booking. So if you select the Princess Package @ $1690 your deposit is only $169.

This to us allows a lot of room to move for both parties. The Couple & the Videographer. As mentioned above, life can throw many curve balls when unexpected. So by having a smaller percentage of deposit is not a huge burden if either the Couple or the Videographer need to cancel for whatever reasons. Plus it allows couples to not tie up their money, when it could be used for other aspects of Wedding Planning.

Another payment aspect that is questioned is the Balance Payment.

Some Videographers again will require full payment months in advance. I'm not totally convinced this is the best way to go. But each to their own.

However, we have adopted again a totally different payment of balance. Your balance is not due until 7 days before your wedding day. We also can put in place a structured payment plan that can assist you. Certainly you are free to pay any extra at anytime. But we will not Solicit, Request or Demand any Balance payment until 7 days before your wedding.

We have adopted this low deposit & payment plan based on consulting with Couples as to what they feel would be a reasonable plan.

We strongly believe a successful Videography Business is one that can not only produce a great end product. But one who can receive a Wedding Booking on its own merits & not be pigeon holed as Just Another Wedding. We all know every wedding is different. No two are the same. And this is our belief with every couple.

While my opinions may not be industry friendly amid my fellow Videographers. It is our individuality that has kept us in business for 21 years and still going strong.

Until Next Time, Cheers

Belin Moralde

WGM Productions