"Can we choose are own music for the background theme of our video?"

This is one of the most asked questions we receive.

Adding personally chosen music allows you to make it "YOURS".

The music of the time of your wedding is one thing that will embed in your mind & when you watch your Wedding Video in years to come. This music when implemented correctly into your Wedding Video can bring back all those wonderful memories of that day.

Answering this question has a two fold response.

Firstly your Wedding Videographer must obtain a license from the performing rights authority known as APRA/AMCOSS.

Without this License your videographer is acting illegally no matter which way they try and spin it. It is ILLEGAL.

Secondly. Your choice of music can be anything you wish.

Many select several different song tunes for different moments of their day.

Bridal Procession (Walking Down The Aisle)

Registry Signing, Sand Ceremony, etc

Bridal Recession (Walking back up the aisle after being married)

Your Reception Entrance. Cake Cutting, First Dance & Father/Daughter dance.

There is no limit to what tunes & where you wish them placed in your video.

A Professional Videographer has the experience to be able to edit your Wedding Video around the selected music.

Many Videographers will not permit you to choose your own music. Rather they choose the music they believe suits your Video.

We believe this is totally the wrong approach. Regardless of whether the videographer feels the music may not suit. It is after all YOUR WEDDING DAY & YOUR WEDDING VIDEO. So we believe you have the right to choose whatever music you wish.

One last thing on a the Music Topic.

The APRA/AMCOS license only allows for choice of music to be added to Wedding Video's for Private Viewing Only.

If you wish to post your Wedding Video Highlights on Social Media then you must instruct your Wedding Videographer to use Royalty Free Music from a company that has btained the rights to use such music

We hope this answer this question for you

Until Next Time, Cheers

Belin Moralde

WGM Wedding Video Productions